The Region:  Maifeld

The Maifeld region, which was settled by the Celts and Romans, offers divers attractions. In addition to the historical city of Münstermaifeld in which, according to legend, the Roman Emperor Caligula was born, you are close to the Burg Eltz, which was entitled by Goethe, as the castle par excellence. The Mosel, Rhine and smaler rivers, such as Ahr and Lahn are easy to reach. Furthermore, we recommend day trips to Maria Laach, Mendig and the Nürburgring.


For those of you who prefer being in the nature, we have places for long walks either around the Birkenhof (e.g. Mühlenwanderweg, Paradiesweg), in the forest around Burg Eltz or on the good attainable “Traumpfade” (e.g. Mosel Traumpfad, Eltz Castle Panorama Traumpfad) and Traumschleifen (e.g. Upper Baybachtal).

Cyclists can explore the Maifeld on the easily accessible Maifeld Cycle Path, which originated from an old railway line. Likewise, the Mosel is comfortable to reach.


"You will have PLENTY of relaxation, fun and a good time on and around the Birkenhof."